Dock Up Your Life

Nano Docking 4

The brand new Nano Docking 4 System combines the Hog 4 Operating Software and the Nano Hog 4 hardware controller from High End Systems together with dedicated designed hardware from Arcus to an excellent “state of the art” Lighting Control Desk.


Consoles of the Hog 4 Family

With the Hog 4 line of consoles and Hog 4 PC, High End Systems offers a complete range of consoles for all kinds of applications, needs and budgets.

Hog 4 Console

Designed to control the most complex and high profile shows, the Hog 4 console is the new flagship of the family.


Full Boar 4 Console

Designd for all kind of shows with all the power of the Hog 4 in a more compact package.


Road Hog 4 Console

With a single wide touch display the Road Hog 4 is the most cost effective Hog ever.


Hedge Hog 4 Console

With a single small touch display the Hedge Hog 4 is the most
compact Hog ever.


Nano Hog 4 Controller

The Nano Hog 4 turns your PC or Laptop into a fully-fledged, powerful and intuitive lighting console.


The Hog 4 operating software running on your PC

Hog 4 PC is the flexible and cost effective software and hardware solution that combine to produce the system you need, providing the power of the Wholehog software on a personal computer.

Hog 4 PC Software

Hog 4 PC brings you the convenience and power of the Hog 4 operating software running on your PC or Laptop.


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