Backup 4 Switch PS 4000N / PS 4000

These two “PS” series Backup 4 Switches are two professional space-saving DMX switches in a robust desktop housing.

Both provide a reliable switching of up to four DMX universes and in the “N” version ethernet as well, e. g. for switching Art-Net and E1.3.1 (sACN) between a main and backup system.

Backup 4 Switch PS 4000N

Product Comparison

Circuit Points PS 4000N PS 4000
DMX inputs 2 x 4 x XLR 5pin 2 x 4 x XLR 5pin
DMX outputs 4 x XLR 5pin 4 x XLR 5pin
Network inputs 2 x Ethercon
Network outputs 1 x Ethercon

Product Features

  • Mechanical switching of DMX, up to four DMX Universes (2048 Channels)
  • Mechanical switching of Ethernet (“N” Version only)
  • Ideal in combination with Road Hog 4 or Nano Hog 4
  • Robust aluminium desktop housing
  • Passive, power-independent device
  • No signal distortion
  • Extremely fail-safe
  • RDM compatible

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